Your Wholesale Source for Specimen Trees

South Coast Grower is a landscaping and wholesale tree farm and nursery based in Lake Worth, Florida. They specialize in serving contractors, businesses and homeowners throughout the United States and Caribbean by providing unique specimen tree solutions. Contact us for your next project.


South Coast Grower are interested in particular trees and we will non-intrusively let you know if we saw a tree we would like to buy from you. We have a system to save you time and to exercise our service as licensed and insured tree relocating company. Our service involves the appropriate preparation and after the harvest, we clean up and complete the agreement.


South Coast Grower has experience shipping trees throughout the world. We are certified to ship everywhere in the Caribbean and are familiar with The United States Department of Agriculture’s procedure as we keep in touch with them regularly. Our resources are barge, flat rack container and sea going vessel. Let us the experts deliver your trees and stonework.


As a reputable wholesale specimen tree provider, South Coast Growers does many types of installations, such as stone work, landscape and specimen tree. The scope of the projects we have done range from commercial to residential. We have supplied trees nationwide and we are equipped with cranes, trucks and other loading machinery to offer the least intrusive methods of installation.

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