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 Torulosa Juniper "Hollywood"

Juniperus chinensis


Torulosa Juniper


Juniperus chinensis

Torulosa Juniper Trees 

From 4 feet to over 14 feet tall South Coast Growers has the Torulosa Juniper you are looking for. With our huge selection we have all sizes and shapes available.

Torulosa Juniper Description

Torulosa Juniper grows into a narrow cone shape when young, then opens up as the plant ages. Although the main body of its foliage is as thick as if it had been sheared, delicately twisted, upright branches emerge gracefully all around the plant, in almost a flame-like manner. It may grow to 15 feet tall in 15 years, perhaps leaning to one side in a picturesque manner. Do not expect a row of them to provide a uniform shape since crown form varies.


Torulosa Juniper will grow in the shaded areaTorulosa Juniper

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