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 Sea Grape Tree

Coccoluba unifera


Sea Grape Tree 

Seagrape Tree 

Sea Grape 

South Coast Growers has several different size Seagrape trees available. Whether you are looking for small bushes to make a hedge or need one perfect specimen for a center piece, South Coast Growers has the Seagrape tree you need.

Seagrape Tree Description 

 Reaching a height of 25 to 30 feet, Seagrapes can take on a variety of shapes, depending upon its location but typically forms a multi-stemmed vase shape if left unpruned. The large, almost circular, broad, leathery, evergreen leaves of Seagrapes have distinctive red veins. The leaves frequently turn completely red before they fall in winter. The new young foliage is a beautiful bronze color which is set off nicely against the dark green, shiny leaves. The inconspicuous ivory flowers are produced on foot-long racemes and are followed by dense clusters of 3/4-inch diameter green grapes on female trees only, ripening to a luscious deep purple in late summer. Males do not produce fruit. The grapes are often used to make a delicious jelly and are also popular with birds and squirrels.

Seagrape Trees will grow in the shaded areSea Grape - Map

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