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 Reclinata Palm

Phoenix reclinata


reclinata palm 


phoenix reclinata palm 

phoenix reclinata 

South Coast Growers has a large selection of Reclinata Palms as well as crosses between Reclinata Palms and other Phoenix species Palms. Phoenix Reclinata for sale in Florida; we have them in every size and shape from 2-20 stems.

Reclinata Palm Description


A Reclinata Palm creates an interesting silhouette with its multiple, gracefully curved, often reclining, slender brown trunks, and dense crowns of stiff but feathery leaf fronds. Old frond bases are medium brown and remain on the trunk forming a showy trunk which is attractive all year long. A mature specimen of Senegal Date Palm can reach 35 feet in height with a 12 to 20-foot-spread and creates a striking tree which casts a light shade. The Reclinata palm is elegant when lit from below at night. It is best used as an accent for large landscapes and parks. The somewhat showy flower stalks, often lost within the thick foliage, are followed by one-inch-long, bright orange dates which are incredibly showy. These can be very attractive, particularly when viewed from a balcony above the tree.


Reclinata Palms will grow in the shaded area

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