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Live Oak

Quercus virginiana

  Quercus virginiana

Live Oak 

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oak trees for sale florida 

South Coast Growers has all sizes and shapes of Live Oaks for sale. From 6 feet tall to over 45 feet tall, central leader and ranch style, South Coast Growers has the Oak or Oaks that you need. We also grow different varieties and Cultivars of Oaks.


A large, sprawling, picturesque tree, usually graced with Spanish moss and strongly reminiscent of the Old South, Live Oak is one of the broadest spreading of the Oaks, providing large areas of deep, inviting shade. It is the state tree of Georgia. Reaching 40 to 60 feet in height with a 60 to 100 foot spread and usually possessing many sinuously curved trunks and branches, Live Oak is an impressive sight for any large-scale landscape. An amazingly durable American native, it can measure its lifetime in centuries if properly located and cared for in the landscape. It makes an excellent street tree in the South. Unfortunately, Oak wilt has devastated the tree in parts of central Texas. Give it plenty of room since the trunk can grow to more than six feet in diameter.


Live Oak Trees will grow in the shaded area oak trees for sale florida - Map


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