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Large Italian Cypress Installation


This job consisted of bringing in two 48-foot tall Italian Cypress from California to a residence in Palm Beach County, Florida. The job was more technical due to the access to the courtyard being 12 feet wide. The tractor used was 10.5 feet wide. Each tree weighed over 17,000 lbs. Once again, South Coast Growers completed the project with no problems.

  First Italain Cypress  Second Italian Cypress  Before  Pit

Truck for tree  Truck for cypress  Unloading 1

Tractor 1  Tractor 2  Tractor 3

Tractor 4  Tractor 5 Tractor 5

Tractor 6  In the rain Two set

Strapped  Strapped 2  Strapped 3

Job Completed

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