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 Gumbo Limbo Trees

Bursera simaruba


Gumbo Limbo 

Gumbo Limbo Trees

Click here for pictures of some of our beautiful Gumbo Limbo trees being installed.

Bursera Simaruba or Gumbo Limo, these beautiful specimen trees are available from 10 feet tall to over 30feet tall and trunk calipers from 2 inches to 30 inches. We have a constant supply of these large trees in our holding yard to make your specimen tree sourcing easier.

Gumbo Limbo Description

Gumbo Limo Trees or Bursera Simaruba are large semievergreen trees, with an open, irregular to rounded crown, that may reach 60 feet in height with an equal or wider spread but is usually seen smaller (25 to 40 feet tall and 25 to 30 feet wide) in landscape plantings. The trunk and branches are thick and are covered with resinous, smooth, peeling coppery bark with an attractive, shiny, freshly-varnished appearance. The tree typically develops from two to four, large-diameter limbs originating close to the ground. A native of south Florida and the tropical offshore islands, the soft, lightweight and easily carved wood of gumbo-limbo was used for making carousel horses before the advent of molded plastics.


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